Branch Organizers

  • Clara Herrero

    Clara Herrero

    A native from Washington D.C., Clara Herrero moved to Massachusetts to attend Boston University where she helped co-found Eat for Equity at the Harriet E. Richards House. Clara still lives in Boston and works as a Community Engagement Specialist at Oxfam America, an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. These days Clara enjoys learning new recipes for all the produce she gets from her local community sustainable agriculture share. She is collecting recipe suggestions on what you can do with kohlrabi.
  • Holly Masek

    Holly Masek

    is currently pursuing her Masters in Urban Planning at Harvard University. When not trying to save the world from suburban sprawl or spreading the gospel of car-free living, she enjoys eating, reading, writing, and tromping around her native New Hampshire. Holly spent three years managing marketing and leading educational group trips for Cotton Tree Lodge, a jungle lodge in Belize. She holds a B.A. in Human Geography from Boston University.
  • Rebecca Martin

    Rebecca Martin

    is a librarian who splits her work time between her alma mater, Boston University, and the Pappenheim Library on Anti-Racism at Community Change, Inc. She’s thankful that Eat for Equity dinners provide her the chance to combine her training in community-building through sharing resources and information with her interest in community-building through sharing meals. Since volunteering with the Boston contingent, Rebecca has developed a deep love-to-eat/hate-to-prepare relationship with fried plantains – a dish that’s popped up on nearly all benefit menus she’s helped organize.
  • Martha Muñoz

    Martha Muñoz

    is an evolutionary biologist doing her PhD at Harvard University. Martha hopes her research on thermal adaptation will help understand how organisms will respond to climate change. She met fellow E4E co-founders while living in the Harriet E. Richard cooperative as an undergraduate at Boston University. While not tending to frying pans for E4E, Martha loves to run, teach, and especially enjoys chasing reptiles through the jungles of world.