Branch Organizers

  • Ashley Lyle

    Ashley Lyle

    is a grant writer working in public health and medical research. She hopes to eventually go back to school for nursing and work as a medical writer or public health researcher in the field of sexual health. Ashley discovered E4E in 2010 and has been volunteering in the kitchen ever since. On the weekends and evenings Ashley enjoys biking around Minneapolis, hosting theme parties and singing with a barbershop chorus and quartet.
  • Rachel Buchberger

    Rachel Buchberger

    fell in love with Eat for Equity in 2011, while completing her Master of Nursing degree at the University of Minnesota. She was inspired by the opportunity to use her love of food and cooking to create positive energy and social change-- beyond good conversation at her own tiny dinner table. When not cooking, or working on the Oncology unit at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Rachel can be found singing with the Prairie Fire Lady Choir and the Minnesota Chorale, doing yoga, growing vegetables, and loving the heck out of Minneapolis.