Branch Organizers

  • Will Chiles

    Will Chiles

    worked as a cook in the cascades at Holden Village, WA, before coming down from the mountain to cook at the Harbor View Cafe in rural Wisconsin. He recently moved to Springfield to help build his uncle’s LEED/smart/Net-Zero Energy/crazy house. Will is the composer-in-residence for the Springfield Chamber Chorus and composes music goodies for films, choirs, and bears (oh my!).
  • Katie Kring

    Katie Kring

    is a herder of ducks. She defies the proverb that great marshmallows are born, not made, as she concocts confections in the pre-dawn hours at her bakery in Springfield (Alas! The Dark Night of the Bowl!). Between dancing in trees and vending her wares at the local Farmer’s Market, Katie has been known to write musicals and other little ditties. Look out for “Farmer’s Market: The Musical” in your neck of the woods. (Seriously!)
  • Ashley Fillmer

    Ashley Fillmer

    was an organic farmer in Boulder County, Colorado for several years before returning to the great state of Missouri, where she still loves to grow bizarre squash. She loves film and is quite possibly one of the last people trained to thread a film projector before the Great Digital Conversion! Before May 2013, she hopes to visit all three countries starting with the letter J. Two down. Japan anyone?