Branch Organizers

  • Derek Broughten

    Derek Broughten

    is a foodie, cares about food systems and economic justice, and enjoys a good craft beer in his spare time. He helped launch the Seattle branch, and has enjoyed organizing as front of house, logistics, and clean up coordinator.
  • Jackie Dagger

    Jackie Dagger

    is an enthusiastic good food advocate. She was drawn to Eat For Equity because of the nonprofit's commitment to bringing communities together around preparing and eating whole foods. Since volunteering to establish Eat for Equity in Seattle she has worked in the roles of Logistics Coordinator, Front of House Organizer and Friday Night preparations Team leader.
  • Elyse Gordon

    Elyse Gordon

    When not teaching, learning, writing or mentoring, Elyse is thinking and scheming about how to bring people together through food. Elyse was excited to help launch Eat for Equity in Seattle after living in the Twin Cities for 6 years. She has enthusiastically held the roles of food planner and Saturday night coordinator, and most appreciates the spirit and enthusiasm of our amazing volunteers!
  • Bryce Henson

    Bryce Henson

    is responsible for procurement and clean-up. He first got involved with Eat for Equity via friends of friends. Before becoming and organizer, Bryce was pleased with every aspect of the event- from the food, to the volunteerism, to the awesome energy that radiated throughout the hosting house. What he likes most about E4E is the fact that everyone is coming together for such a good cause every time, and that it is such a simple way to make a big impact on local communities.
  • Dana Kublin

    Dana Kublin

    After discovering her love for food and farming on an organic farm near Savannah, Georgia, Dana Kublin moved to Seattle and became involved with Eat for Equity through volunteering on an urban farm. She enjoys interacting with awesome community members as the volunteer coordinator, playing with chalk to write the dinner menu on our homemade blackboards as the front-of-house coordinator, and putting the finishing touches on events as the post-party coordinator.
  • Alexis Steinman

    Alexis Steinman

    is a food & travel writer who believes food is the language that links us. Alexis is proud to be a part of Eat for Equity, where her passion for cooking, dinner parties, local business, and community come together into one delicious organization.