About Catering

Eat for Equity Catering promotes and models equitable and sustainable food sourcing, provides access to conscious food choices, and uses catering to support local nonprofit causes.

Eat for Equity Catering began as a project of the nonprofit Eat for Equity in 2013, with a wedding hosted on an island in the middle of Lake Minnetonka.

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Eat for Equity built a growing catering business and earned income stream to broaden its impact and to support the organization and its larger mission. In 2018, Eat for Equity incorporated  Eat for Equity Catering, SBC,  as a specific benefit corporation owned wholly by the nonprofit.

What’s a benefit corporation? A benefit corporation is essentially a for-profit entity that is socially-minded.  It has both business and charitable purposes, and built into the structure of the company is the idea that it will create social benefits as well as profits. Eat for Equity Catering will be a Specific Benefit Corporation, though there are also General Benefit Corporations. Other b-corps in Minnesota include Peace Coffee, Finnegans, and Events by Lady K. Read more information on benefit corporations in Minnesota here.

What’s the purpose of the new benefit corporation? Eat for Equity Catering engages in:

  • Promoting and modeling equitable and sustainable food sourcing
  • Providing access to conscious food choices
  • Using catering to support local nonprofit causes