Eat for Equity

Eat for Equity builds a culture of generosity
through sustainable community feasts. We
invite people to come together to eat, drink,
give what they can, and raise thousands
of dollars for other nonprofit

We invite everyone to the table, where giving is fun, approachable, and delicious.

Be part of Eat for Equity in:

Host your own feast for a cause.

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, to come together for a shared meal and a common cause.

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E4E Minneapolis for Reviving Sisterhood

Public Functionary
E4E Minneapolis for Reviving Sisterhood

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152Community Feasts

14582Plates of Food Served

$48404Amount Invested in Local Food

$125203Amount Donated to Worthy Causes

Support Us

Eat for Equity is built on the idea that we all have something to share – whether it’s time, energy and ideas, or money.

Guests at Eat for Equity host dinners, nominate organizations, and give generously and regularly to a range of nonprofit causes.

We hope that you’ll also support Eat for Equity. Eat for Equity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and we wel- come donations online, either as a monthly or a one-time donation. This is your opportunity to invest in the Eat for Equity vision of communities built around good food, where individuals come together and, through generous giving at all levels, are collectively able to create a better, more equitable world.

Thank you for investing in our vision.