Eat for Equity is built on the idea that when we all give what we can, we can make a big impact together.

Eat for Equity has raised over $160,000 for local and international nonprofit causes while serving thousands of plates of good, local food. Our grassroots organizers have built giving communities in Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, Madison, the Ozarks, Seattle, Phoenix, Connecticut, the Bay Area, and Washington D.C.

For every dollar that we spend on an Eat for Equity event, we inspire our guests to donate $5 to other nonprofit causes. We also invest that $1 back into the local economy and farmers, and the additional benefit of a more connected and engaged community.

Annual Reports

We encourage our guests to review our annual reports financial information. You can download our

  • 2012 Tax Report (coming soon)
  • 2011 Tax Report (coming soon)

Case Study

As an example of the organizations that Eat for Equity supports, Yards to Gardens works to address inequities in the environment, as a nonprofit website that facilitates garden and resource sharing within communities. On the Saturday night that Eat for Equity Minneapolis raised money for Yards to Gardens, guests feasted on garden-fresh food like homemade pasta with nettle pesto and rhubarb-strawberry pies.Y2G and Sister's Camelot Garden

On Sunday afternoon, Yards to Gardens used that money to purchase soil and compost to turn an empty lot into a nearly completed community garden. People from the Eat for Equity event showed up to help out, and Saturday’s dinner had a direct and immediate impact on the neighborhood.

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