Eat for Equity builds a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts. We envision an equitable world, co-created by communities engaged in whole-person giving.

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Our Values:

  • We value inclusion. Everyone is invited to our shared table. Regardless of your background, race and ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, income, age, and interests, each person is important and welcomed.
  • We value equity. Together, we’re investing in our local communities – in locally-based organizations that address inequities in a range of issues, in businesses and food producers that contribute to a just and healthy food system.
  • We value sustainability. We believe that the food we cook and serve should be as equitable as the causes we support, and so we prioritize purchasing of local, seasonal, organic, and fair-trade foods. We also value sustainability within our organization, and each branch keeps 10% of event revenue to ensure it can continue to grow and serve its community.
  • We value generosity. We believe that everyone has something to give, and if we all give what we can – we can make a big impact. We invite guests to share their ideas, their time, and their money.
  • We value doing work from scratch. We create opportunities for guests and volunteers to share their skills, ideas, and build buy-in. Cooking from scratch together is a community-building opportunity for guests to roll up their sleeves, chop onions and juice lemons and peel garlic, and work together to make something whole.