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Eat for Equity Catering provides local and organic food for public and private events, weddings and fundraisers.

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Eat for Equity Catering promotes and models equitable and sustainable food sourcing, provides access to conscious food choices, and uses catering to support local nonprofit causes. Learn more about our organization.

The meal that keeps on giving

Eat for Equity Catering uses catering to support nonprofit causes – whether through direct donations or in-kind donations of food to local nonprofits. Our clients have given over $20,000 to local and international nonprofit causes. Learn more about the causes we’ve supported together.


Eat for Equity Catering promotes and models equitable and sustainable food sourcing.  We prioritize purchasing from from local, organic, and fair trade producers. As much as possible, we buy from businesses owned and/or run by women, minorities, cooperatives, or nonprofits. Find out more about where and who we get our food from.


Catering is only available within a two-hour drive of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. That said, we have catered events on an island in the middle of Lake Minnetonka, in the midst of a music festival, on many a farm, and in traditional event spaces. See our list of favorite venues.


We offer delivery only, buffet, passed, family-style, or full [individually plated] service. Explore those service options here.

Rentals and Equipment

We can provide affordable eclectic serving ware or compostables, or act as a rental liaison for your rental and equipment needs.


We are happy to provide client referrals and feedback.

“You were great to work with and I hope there will be an opportunity really soon to work with you again.

Thank you for your hard work, excellent food, and great contribution to our conference. There were so many great compliments about the food. You should be very proud of the business you have cultivated. You and your staff were great to work with.”

– Darlynn
MACC Alliance

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