Collaboration Kitchen

Collaboration Kitchen creates an environment that pushes participants to collaborate, adapt, and innovate.

Participants work in teams to make part of a group meal and overcome a series of unexpected and fun challenges together. Participants work together as teams in creative troubleshooting – and they taste the products of their collaboration in a shared meal.

Your team will come away with a hands-on, positive experience in creative collaboration and problem-solving that informs its own work. Participants will practice essential skills for collaboration:

Safe risk-taking

Creative adaptation

Collaborative teamwork

Effective communication

We bring the ingredients for innovation to you.

Our facilitators can turn even a conference room into a kitchen, bringing everything you’ll need – including the kitchen sink, if necessary.

We can design sessions of varying lengths to fit your needs.

Whether it’s an extended lunch hour in a normal business day or part of an ongoing leadership development program, we’ll make Collaboration Kitchen work for you.


“Collaboration Kitchen is the most innovative leadership and team building experience I’ve had in many years…

Blending collaborative food preparation with surprising challenges that produce an amazing culinary delight, all in a few hours is simply astounding. The impact is visceral and lasting…What more could you want from a leadership program?”

– Craig Neal
Heartland Circle

Our 1.5 hour session includes:

Apples and Oranges

Warm-up to create an environment of delicious improvisation

Xtreme Cuisine

Teams make a meal from start to finish and improvise solutions to challenges around design and resource limitations


Results are served up in a shared meal and teams debrief how to apply insights to their work

Collaboration Kitchen is a program of Eat for Equity, a nonprofit that builds a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts. Collaboration Kitchen is available in the Twin Cities, and in all tour cities on a limited schedule.

Contact us to schedule your Collaboration Kitchen session.

We’ve worked with Brave New Workshop, Acara at the Institute on the Environment, Heartland Transformational Leadership Collaboratory, and more. We are happy to provide referrals or additional information on request.

“Entrepreneurs face many unexpected challenges and Collaboration Kitchen was a great training for the unexpected!

Collaboration Kitchen was a great experience to foster teamwork and bond our social entrepreneur students even more.”

– Fred Rose
Acara Program Director
Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota