Cooking Parties

Cook to celebrate, to help rally around a crisis, or to support a cause you care about. We provide recipes, ingredients, kitchen space and facilitation – and you bring your family and friends together to cook on a larger scale.

Here’s how it works: We work with you to put together a menu of foods that you would like to have at your event, and that can be made in advance by others. You set up a cooking party day or evening the week before your event, and invite your community to sign up to help make the meal during that time. We staff that event, and provide clean up support.

Eat for Equity Catering staff finishes item preps and makes foods to complement, and then serves or delivers it to the celebration. Eat for Equity Catering began hosting cooking parties in 2018.

Wedding Examples

We hosted a cooking party for a wedding where they made 200 empanadas, 200 servings of tiramisu, and gallons of soup together, infusing their celebration with lots of community love. They brought their friends and family together two nights before the wedding. The day of the wedding, Eat for Equity Catering staff baked off the empanadas, prepared other food items, and was in charge of service set up, clearing, and take down.


Can this save me money?

It often can make catering more affordable. We charge $200 for 4 hours of kitchen time, facilitation, and cleanup. We also charge you a discounted rate for each item that you make as a group [typically 50% of what we would charge if Eat for Equity Catering prepared and served the item].

When can we schedule a cooking party?

We suggest scheduling a cooking party between 1 week and 1 day before the event, depending on the event schedule and the items you’ve chosen to make.

How many people can I invite?

We suggest having anywhere from 5 – 10 people in the kitchen at one time, and up to 25 people over the course of the night. We can arrange shifts so that guests can overlap [for example, 2 shifts of 2 hours, from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, and 7 pm – 9 pm].

Do they have to be great cooks?

Not at all. Our chefs will facilitate the cooking session, and will guide your guests in best kitchen practices. We’ll also divide roles based on cooking confidence and skills, trying to use your guests skills appropriately, and also teach them something new.