Thank you for CONTINUED AWESOME PARTNERSHIPS and service and food! We also look forward to working together again! 

Ryan, Events by Lady K, Events for 150-700

The food was excellent!!!  Thanks for arranging for the meal from Eating for Equity.  It was one of THE BEST CONFERENCE LUNCHES I CAN REMEMBER in a long time.

Teresa Ambroz, State Nutrition Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Health, Lunch for 35

All our guests were singing your PRAISES! The BRILLIANT COLORS, FLAVORS, AND FRESHNESS were all commented on and appreciated. YAY!

 Orionna, Lunch for 30

You should hear how many PEOPLE ARE RAVING ABOUT YOUR FOOD. It’s CRAZY! I’ve had random people in the organization just stop me and say thank you for arranging it. Suffice to say – you impressed us.

 Nathan, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Breakfast and Lunch for 60

Thank you for your hard work, excellent food and great contribution to the MACC Alliance Social Enterprise Forum!  You were great to work with and I hope there will be an opportunity real soon to work with you again.  There were so many great compliments about the food.  You should be very proud of the business you have cultivated.  You and your staff were great to work with.

 Darlynn, MACC Alliance, Conference Breakfast and Reception for 125


The food was absolutely delicious and a hit with the membership, I saw more than a few go back for seconds!

Yorgos, Healthcare.MN, Appetizers for 50

We couldn’t have been more delighted with everything you provided.  The display was beautiful & personal, not to mention delicious. I even heard a few members chatting about it the next day. 🙂  The transparency regarding pricing & taxes was much appreciated, as well.  You were a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for participating in the evening!

Tawnee, CoCo, Reception for 60

So many of the guests commented positively about the food and we are going to enjoy the very few leftovers again tonight with friends! Yay for us! I really appreciate your staying to speak to the group. 

Therese, Appetizers for 25


Thank you so much for being a part of our day! All of the guests raved about how amazing the food was, and we agree! We couldn’t have imagined a better catering experience.

Erin and Ted, Wedding for 120

Thanks for everything. We had so many guests raving about how AMAZING THE FOOD WAS.

Sam and Brighton, Wedding for 130

Our wedding was amazing and Eat for Equity certainly made it even more special. EVERYONE LOOOOOVED THE FOOD.

Allison, Wedding for 200

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience. Our wedding wouldn’t have been a success without all of your thoughtful planning and attention to detail. We didn’t want traditional “boring” wedding food, and you truly exceeded our expectations with delicious, homemade food. We are still receiving compliments on everything you made. It is so special that we were able to have you create our wedding feast. Thank you!!!

Max and Katie, Wedding for 180

I wanted to follow up with praise for a job well done!  The food was amazing and your crew took care of every detail during the evening which we really appreciated.  Your wonderful smile was seen throughout the night which I’m sure wasn’t always easy.  I hope you had a chance to put your feet up at some point on Sunday–you deserve it. I would love to work with you again; the whole process was really fun.

Jackie, Wedding for 180

WE WERE SO IMPRESSED with how the dinner went. The servers were exceptional! The massive hill was a challenge, but everyone worked with it. Thank you for making it work to come to Wisconsin, even though it was further than you normally go. We had so many compliments about the meal! People loved it. Well done.

Amanda, Wedding for 80

We want to extend a huge huge THANK YOU to you and your team. You guys were rock stars. Everyone I spoke to was blown away by how delicious the food was and even more taken by the mission and “do-good-ing” of E4E.  The whole day was a beautiful whirlwind…but I so appreciated the grace and professionalism of you and your staff, all such beautiful/genuine people who seemed to really love what they do.

We also identified strongly with the laid back, yet very high quality product and service you provided. The food was delicious and well presented, and also felt like a home-cooked meal. Down to the detail, I loved the mismatched napkins and plates which only added to the life of the food knowing the tableware had already served many and would serve many more.

Anna, Wedding for 200


WHAT A GREAT PARTY! Every word I heard was a rave about the food. Even those who said they didn’t like vegetarian lasagna said they loved it. (Thought it was meat lasagna.) A minor miracle. We’re off to Paris – I’m sure their lasagna won’t be as good as yours.

Steve, Birthday Party for 30

We loved working with you…EVERYONE RAVED ABOUT THE FOOD…We’ll call again!

Julie, Matonich Law Firm, Reception for 30

Thank you so much for handling the event so wonderfully. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wants a caterer!

Marti, GTLI, Reception for 30

Thanks for everything! THE FOOD WAS WONDERFUL and we received many compliments.

Molly, Acara Institute, Dinner for 25