Rentals and Equipment


Eat for Equity Catering believes in being generous with what we have. We share our collection of vintage and thrift plates, silverware, and mason jars at no cost [up to 200 settings]. These were donated by clients and purchased by the nonprofit (Eat For Equity), and we want to share their generosity with you. We do not charge a dishwashing fee.  

  • Dinner Plates [up to 300]
  • Appetizer Plates [up to 200]
  • Silverware [Forks, Spoons, Knives][up to 200]
  • Mason Jars [Pint and Cup Sizes][up to 400]
  • Coffee Cups and Saucers [up to 50]

Photo by Ellen Gustafson

Photo by Lumie Lumie


Eat for Equity Catering can also provide compostable plates, cups, and silverware, at no additional cost.


Eat for Equity Catering will act as a rental liaison upon request, arranging rentals for the client through an outside rental company.  This includes coordination, pick up, cleaning, and return of rentals.  Eat for Equity Catering will charge an additional 15% of the rental cost for this service. Eat for Equity Catering will confirm the cost with the client, and bill the client for reimbursement. The client will pay the rental costs plus 15%  through prompt reimbursement [within 2 weeks after receiving invoice]. Any loss or damage to any rentals will be billed to client after the event.

  • Minneapolis