Shared Kitchen

Want a professional kitchen and creative home for your growing food business? Eat for Equity offers shared commissary kitchen space for food businesses and chefs. Our shared commercial kitchen space in the Uptown area of Minneapolis is a productive, safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

Want to experiment with a pop-up or a new concept in a kitchen space? The kitchen is also available to rent for day use and can host customer pickups, intimate dinners or client meetings/tastings.

We want this to feel like your kitchen home – regular kitchen users have 24/7 access and unlimited time (instead of being billed by the hour or the day). Differences in rates are around level of priority access, storage needs, and options for using open space, dedicated space, or exclusive space. 

Kitchen users access discounts when they commit to shared space cleaning responsibilities, an annual agreement, or working in off-hours time [after 6 pm and before 8 am, weekends]. Kitchen users can build their business by renting private office suites, shared office space, or meeting/pickup space in the building.

Eat for Equity hours are Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 5 pm. We welcome other kitchen users to share space with us at any time during our regular business hours, or to work independently / with other kitchen users in the space on Fridays and the weekends.

Kitchen Space:

  • Expansive (2900 sq ft) kitchen space with natural light at ground level
  • Walk-in cooler and walk-in cooler/freezer 
  • Automatic dishwasher and 3 comp dishwashing sink, and 2 – 2 comp prep sinks
  • 20’ hood with convection ovens, combi oven, ranges, griddle and grill

Included Amenities for all users:

  • Shared Equipment use on-site [see below for list of current equipment]
  • Open prep tables
  • Towels and aprons onsite
  • Day parking available
  • Dishwashing machine use and chemicals
  • Trash / Compost / Recycling
  • Wifi

Shared Equipment:

  • Hobart food slicer [floor model] to shred and slice
  • Hobart 20 quart mixer
  • Prep tables of various sizes
  • 1 – 6 burner gas Range with still oven
  • 1 – 4 burner gas Range with still oven
  • 1 – Combi [steam/convection] oven
  • 2 – double stack Convection ovens
  • Induction cooktops
  • 36” gas Griddle
  • Charbroiler Grill
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Onsite use of sheet pans, hotel pans, and other smallwares

Building Amenities:

  • Lobby for customer pickup, pop-ups, or meeting
  • Private suites or shared office space
  • Staff break room and two restrooms (one handicap accessible)
  • Off-street parking lot

Other food businesses in the kitchen

“Sautepan” – $1000 / monthFlexibility with Unlimited Time and Lean Storage

  • 1 shelf in cooler included
  • 1 shelf in dry storage included
  • 24/7 access to space, unlimited time
  • Work at any Open Prep Tables
  • Work around Priority and High Priority Time for other users
  • Up to 2 regular staff people included

“Rondo” $1500 / monthDedicated Space with Unlimited Time

  • Priority User with 24/7 access to space and unlimited time
  • 1 Metro rack in cooler included
  • 1 Metro rack in dry storage included
  • 1 shelf in freezer storage included
  • 1 Dedicated Prep Table included, work at any Open Prep Tables
  • Ability to receive regular deliveries from vendors
  • Priority Time, work around High Priority Time for other users
  • Up to 2 regular staff people included

“Stockpot”$2000 / monthExclusive Area with Unlimited High Priority Time

  • High Priority User with 24/7 access to space and Unlimited time
  • 2 Metro racks in cooler included or exclusive private reach-in
  • 2 Metro racks in dry storage included
  • 1 shelf in freezer storage included
  • 2 Exclusive Prep Tables included, work at any Open Prep Tables
  • 100 square feet of Exclusive kitchen space
  • Lobby use for meetings included
  • Ability to receive regular deliveries from vendors
  • Up to 4 regular staff people included
  • High Priority Time, other users work around your equipment and time needs
  • Option to bring in additional permanent equipment for preferred or exclusive use

Guest/Day Rate:: $200-$250/day

  • All included amenities and shared equipment above
  • Designated rolling rack
  • Day access to prep space, cooler, and freezer
  • No storage beyond the day(s) of use; half day access possible. If you rent consecutive days, you can store items on site.
  • Welcome package with salt/pepper, oil, gloves, dishcloths, aprons
  • Clean up [sweep, mop, sanitize, waste] required
  • If working outside our regular hours, an Eat for Equity staff member will check you in/out

Add Ons

Space Resources
Cold Storage$45/shelf$100 full metro rack, $100 for dedicated rolling rack$200 dedicated 2 door reach-in [provided]
Frozen Storage$75/shelf$200 dedicated 2 door reach-in [provided]
Dry Storage$25/shelf$80 full rack
Dedicated Prep Table$100 / table
Exclusive Space or Equipment$5 / sq. ft.
Additional Resources
Offices$800 for 2 room suite$1200 for 3 room suite$100 dedicated desk and file cabinet in shared suite/area
Lobby Use/Rental$100 / day
Dedicated Parking$100/month
Staff Presence
up to 4 staff people at any time$100 / month
6 or more staff people$200 / month