Eat for Equity

Eat for Equity builds a culture of generosity
through sustainable community feasts. We
invite people to come together to eat, drink,
give what they can, and raise thousands
of dollars for other nonprofit

We invite everyone to the table, where
giving is fun, approachable, and delicious.
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Don’t see E4E happening near you? Support one of our many emerging branches or or start a new branch where you are. All it takes is a cause, a home, and a few good friends to bring Eat for Equity to your town. Learn More

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    146Community Feasts

    14137Plates of Food Served

    $38617Amount Invested in Local Food

    $120556Amount Donated to Worthy Causes

    The Tour

    Eat for Equity is launching a national mobile kitchen tour to support the growth of local branches. We’ll spend two weeks in each city, working with local organizers to host exciting community feasts for a cause.

    tour mini-map

    tour mini-map

    Our Goals

    To inspire. Build excitement, media attention, and core sup- port around local branches - while building awareness around local nonprofit causes.

    To gather. Bring together thousands of people to give what they can, co-hosting events for 100 - 200 guests at each stop and engaging those guests to eat, drink, do good, and be merry.

    To support. Train over 100 organizers in cooking food for a crowd, and bring together communities to raise a projected $25,000 for local and international nonprofit causes.

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    Support Us

    Eat for Equity is built on the idea that we all have something to share – whether it’s time, energy and ideas, or money.

    Guests at Eat for Equity host dinners, nominate organizations, and give generously and regularly to a range of nonprofit causes.

    We hope that you’ll also support Eat for Equity. Eat for Equity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and we wel- come donations online, either as a monthly or a one-time donation. This is your opportunity to invest in the Eat for Equity vision of communities built around good food, where individuals come together and, through generous giving at all levels, are collectively able to create a better, more equitable world.

    Thank you for investing in our vision.