Cheese Will Save Us 4.16.20

Hello, Friends! 

This week, as I was eating Mac ‘n’ Cheese made by my colleague and friend Mecca, I thought, “If I have this Mac ‘n’ Cheese in my life, I can get through this. I can do this.” Quite honestly, I think that literal cheese and emotional cheese are how we can get through this together.

So, for the literal cheese, we’ve got Mecca’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Vegetarian Lasagna [with three kinds of cheese: chevre bechamel, mozzarella, and parmesan]. For our friends who literally don’t eat cheese, we have a housemade vegan parmesan-topped Frittata. And we’ve got a dairy box add-on with a couple cheeses, half and half, eggs, and yogurt.

And for the emotional cheese, it’s been really wonderful to hear how our food is becoming part of your lives. When I was cooking this week, I thought of everyone who ordered and said your names to myself. And each week when we pack your boxes, we say your names out loud and we share any stories or updates that we know.

I feel like those of you who started out as relative strangers are becoming our friends, and those of you who started out as friends are becoming like family. We heard from one of you that our coconut purple sweet potatoes were your Baby’s second food – ever! And that it got Baby’s approval! I mean, you’ve never seen a cuter little purple sweet potato mustache and smile.

Providing these meal boxes to you and your families and communities is energizing to us, knowing that we are helping in even small ways to alleviate stress in your households. We heard from one of you, I definitely just stress ate half that pan of mac & cheese, but now I feel better. Thank you for saving my day. Now eating your quiche for dinner. Mmmmm…Douse my greens with cheese in a crazy buttery crust and I’ll eat ‘em all day!!

See? Cheese. It will save us all! What have been your favorite dishes in the past weeks? We look forward to receiving your feedback so that we can better serve your needs (and cravings!) 

P.S. Our electrician came in yesterday, and said to me, “You must be the Big Cheese.” My response was, “Yes, I am. I am the Cheesiest.”

Take care, and eat well,

Emily and the entire Eat for Equity staff 

Strata or Lasagna or Pie / Bake covered at 350-375  for 45 minutes – 1 hour [currently frozen and UNBAKED], bake uncovered for last 10 minutes to brown.

Co Kitchen House Macaroni and Cheese / Bake at 350 for approximately 30 minutes

Other Sides and Mains /  Bake or heat covered until they reach 135 internal temperature

Soups / Reheat on the stovetop or microwave until heated through

Cookies / Bake at 325 for 12 – 15 minutes