January’s E4E

Mark your calendars for Minneapolis’ next Eat for Equity. It’s on January 16! The planning is still underway. We’ll post details when we know more.

This month in Portland…

We’re back after an extended summer hiatus! As a refresher, here’s the idea: we’re a gathering of friends that come together monthly-ish to enjoy a good meal, good company and to do some good for our greater community. Each month we focus on a different area and an organization making positive changes therein. We make […]

Eat for Equity prints by local artist

Last month for our two year anniversary, we debut our Eat for Equity t-shirt (see previous post) AND gorgeous prints by talented local artist Heidi Loosen. The prints feature organizations and causes for which we’ve raised money, including Youth Farm and Market, the YWCA, and our very own Eat for Equity. You can buy a […]

Eat for Equity shirts

We’ll have Eat for Equity t-shirts for sale: sweatshop free, made in America and printed by a local screenprinter. After costs, all money goes toward Eat for Equity. Here’s a picture of the handsome Torgrimson family sporting the tee! Place your order with Stuart at stu (at) eatforequity (dot) org.

This month in Minneapolis…

On December 12, come to Vietnam. Eat good food, drink good drinks, enjoy good people. And do some small good for a larger community at this month’s benefit shindig. Last month, we celebrated Eat for Equity’s two year anniversary. Over two years, we’ve sent more than $5,000 to organizations working toward equity, both on a local and global level. Last month, we […]