Minneapolis’ May supper to raise money for neighborhood gardens May 22

Welcome back to Minneapolis for this month’s dinner. Eat, socialize, and garden!

This month, we’ll be grazing local grub in the name of growing gardens.

In April, we raised just under $1,000 for the Emily Sandall scholarship at YMCA wilderness Camp Menogyn. What we raised together at Eat for Equity has been matched by the Emily Sandall Foundation, so we’ll be sending two deserving young people on trail this summer. Thanks so much to our hosts Skip and Mary, to all our pizza throwers, and to Matt Hauck and Driftless Brewing Co. for donated microbrew.

Do some small good together at this month’s benefit shindig. Your generosity will benefit Yards to Gardens for supporting its efforts to convert lawns to productive gardens in a neighborhood near you! There are over 240 community gardens in the Twin Cities; however most are already full this season and the waiting lists continue to grow. Yards to Gardens is a organization designed to connect eager gardeners with available space.

Yards to Gardens grew out of the observation that our food system ships food an average of 1500 miles from farm to fork. And at the same time, we use the vast majority of our cultivatable urban land to grow grass.  It’s about connecting urban would-be-gardeners with a space to garden.

Your contribution will help to break ground on a new community garden in a Lyndale neighborhood. But wait… that’s not all. You’ll also be able to enjoy your very own, personal Throw&Grow – a self-contained, automatic super-mini-garden!

You’ll feast on locally harvested, in-season ingredients from markets, gardens, and foraging expeditions: rhubarb lemonade, bread with radish butter, nettle pesto and asparagus pasta, local greens salad, herbal aqua infusions, homebrew, and pies galore!

Hosted by the Garden Party
Saturday, May 22

Email [email protected] for address and directions.

We’ll be selling straight-off-the-runway, ultra-fashionable Eat for Equity t-shirts [organic, sweatshop free, made in America and printed by a local screenprinter]. We’re asking for $15, and after costs, all money will go toward Eat for Equity.

Dinner starts at 7, and we suggest a $10-15 donation. You’re welcome to bring friends, and if you’ve got any questions, give a call.

Please join us!