Easy as Pie to Support Eat for Equity

“We don’t want a bigger slice of the pie. We want a different pie.”
– Winona LaDuke, whose nonprofit was one of Eat for Equity’s benefitting organizations
Eat for Equity is baking a new kind of pie. We’re making it from scratch, and building a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts. We’re rolling it out together, because everyone has something to give, and everyone is invited to the table. And baked into the pie are our values around sustainability and equity, which means that the food we cook and serve is as equitable as the causes we support.

Giving for us has always been fun – and delicious. Eat for Equity will bake you a pie, as a thank you for giving to our cause.

We will bake over 100 pies this holiday season, plus brick oven bread for you to share with your family and friends [or to enjoy yourself!]. We’re baking up apple, buttermilk walnut, and pumpkin pies, plus a delicious assortment of cookies [You can request which ones you’d like, and can also request gluten free or vegan pies].

We head on the road early next year to teach and learn from Eat for Equity volunteer branch organizers across the country, who are all bringing people together around good food and a common cause.We need to raise $5000 over the holidays to help fuel our tour, by putting gas in the tank and providing a contingency fund for flat tires and other bumps we might encounter.

Anyone who signs up as a sustaining donor will take home an extra slice of the pie and an Eat for Equity kitchen towel as an extra thank you. Individual donations make up the majority of our funding – and by signing up for a recurring donation, you can help us plan for the future and live our value of sustainability.

Give $25 and take home two loaves of brick oven bread

Give $50 and take home a homemade pie [or two dozen cookies]

Pledge $10 a month or give $100 now, and take home two homemade pies and two loaves of brick oven bread

Pledge $25 a month or give $150 now, and take home three pies and three loaves of brick oven bread

Pledge $50 a month or give $500 or more now, and take home three pies and a walnut cutting board

Pledge $100 a month or give $1000 now, and we’ll come to your home and cook a private dinner for up to 10 guests [you tell us when – even over the holidays].

You can pick up your pies in a window before Thanksgiving [Wednesday, November 27], or in a window before the Christmas holiday [Sunday, December 22 – Monday, December 23].

You don’t need to be in the Twin Cities area to enjoy. We have bakers around the country standing by [their ovens], including New York City and the Bay Area. Want to help us bake up a storm? Email us at [email protected]