E4E Guatemala for Partners in Health

Come to Guatemala this month to raise money for Partners in Health, an innovative public health organization that believes in securing human rights for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.  You may have heard about Partners in Health through their founder Paul Farmer and their work in Haiti. You may have even come to our record-setting E4E for PIH after the earthquake two years ago.

In Guatemala, PIH has supported the efforts of their local partner, ETESC (Equipo Técnico de Educación en Salud Comunitaria), in its health and human rights work ranging from legal assistance for victims of Guatemala’s civil war to cervical cancer screening for rural Mayan women. A new initiative of PIH/ETESC is an infant nutrition program in Huehuetenango, a region of Guatemala with rates of chronic malnutrition up to 90%. Program components include the training of Guatemalan community health workers, support of women’s groups, and complementary feeding for severely malnourished children.

You’ll feast on…

Ensalada of Radishes, Beets, and Carrots
Guatemalan Black Beans and Rice
House-made Chorizo with Sweet Peppers
Salsa Roja
Coconut Tres Leches Cake
Homebrew from the West Bank Brewing Association and Driftless Brewing, with support from Northern Brewer.

When? Saturday, March 31, 7 pm onward

Where? Hosted by Jason, Caroline, and Becky
Minneapolis, MN

How? We suggest at $15 – $20 donation. All are welcome, but please RSVP here.