E4E-4-E4E next Saturday in Minneapolis!

This month, eat and drink for Eat for Equity. Yeah, you read that right. An E4E 4 E4E.

In June, we raised $500 for Sibley Bike Depot, a not-for-profit community bike shop with a mission to be an open, accessible space to educate and empower people to use bicycles as transportation. Thanks so much to our hosts Colin and Jason, the party-tent suppliers, storm-hearty troops, and other amazing volunteers.

Your supper money this month will support Eat for Equity! Why does Eat for Equity need your support? We’ve hosted volunteer-run monthly benefit dinners for almost three years, and have sent nearly $12,000 to organizations around the world and in our community. And we’re growing like crazy–thanks to you! We consistently bring together around a hundred people each month, and that means that we continue to need more plates, more forks, more pots. We want those investments to come from a general Eat for Equity fund, and not out of contributions to a monthly organization.

We are also in the process of becoming a non-profit, which is exciting! It means that in the future, your contributions will be tax-deductible and Eat for Equity will be able to apply for grants, so that even more of your money can go to our monthly cause. This is your chance to invest in the Eat for Equity community and vision: namely, communities built around good food, where individuals come together and, through generous giving at all levels, are collectively able to create a better, more equitable world.

We’ve got a lot of great things planned for this month, including performances by the Ukeladies and others, a photobooth with Eat for Equity props, and dueling pinatas. Also, save the date for an E4E extra on Monday, July 19, when we will volunteer at Sibley Bike Depot.

You’ll experience a southeast Asian feast…

Spicy Cucumber Salad, layou huanggua
Yellow Rice, khao cari ped
Yunnan Greens, sunni cai
Chicken & Herb Salad, ga xe phai
Coconut Sticky Rice with Mangos
Iced Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk, cafe suada

And more surprises to come….

Saturday, June 24 at 7pm
Hosted by Kestrel, Sarina, Niky, Abby, John, and Stu
We suggest a $10-15 donation. You’re welcome to bring friends!
Please email Emily [email protected] for details on address, directions, and any questions.

We will sell straight-off-the-runway, ultra-fashionable Eat for Equity t-shirts [organic, sweatshop free, made in America and printed by a local screenprinter]. We’re asking for $15, and after costs, all money will go toward Eat for Equity.

See you there!