This month in Portland…

We’re back after an extended summer hiatus!

As a refresher, here’s the idea: we’re a gathering of friends that come together monthly-ish to enjoy a good meal, good company and to do some good for our greater community.

Each month we focus on a different area and an organization making positive changes therein. We make a meal based on that place/culture and invite everyone we know to come enjoy the food for a donation to the month’s organization.  So far we’ve sent more than $1000 to support: Portland Rescue Mission, Portland’s Adelante Mujeres, India’s Ramana’s Garden, and Oaxaca, Mexico’s Puente a la Salud Comunitaria.

This month brings us to Israel. The Jewish holiday Hanukkah begins next week; it is a holiday of light and one that reminds us of the need to eradicate oppression just as the Macabees once stood up for the Jews’ religious freedom.  In contemporary Israel, there are complex oppressions and privileges at work in all areas of life, affecting needs as fundamental as fair housing and city planning. Thus, this month your supper money will go to The Arab Center for Alternative Planning, which is doing incredibly innovative work in partnership with the Israeli government, “representing the genuine needs and interests of the Arab citizens of Israel on issues of planning, land, housing, and development.


Please join us SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th for Havdalah, the closing ceremony for the Sabbath, and to welcome Hanukkah at the home of Samantha and friends.

You’ll feast on all the traditional treats including

Latkes (potato pancakes) with all the fixins (applesauce!!!)
Kugel (noodle casserole)
Manischevitz (a wine so gross but oh so traditional)
gelt (chocolate)

and much more!

We provide all the food! Just bring yourself, your friends and your donations. All are welcome. So are instruments and extra beverages… Oh, and your own driedle! …Musicians brush up on your klezmer!

For all the essential details on place and time, please contact Kate at: portland (at) eatforequity (dot) org.