Calling all Cooks! Share a Recipe and Win $500 for a Community Meal

Eat for Equity was featured on GOOD recently – and we’ve partnered with GOOD Maker to host a challenge for YOU!
Share a recipe and tell us how you plan on sharing the meal with your community; the top voted idea will get $500 to make your idea happen. The more delicious the recipe and the more creative the community benefit the better! Tell us how you’d use $500 to bring your community together over locally sourced foods.

Repeat, GOOD is offering $500 to the winner to cook the food and host a community mealAPPLY yourself! Just think about what you could do with $500! We have 6 applications so far, so your chances for getting are high. But first, you’ve got to apply!

So get out your aprons, and submit your recipe and idea before the deadline, on June 29 noon Pacific Time. From June 29 to July 20, we’ll open it up to public voting!

  • Minneapolis