Boston E4E this Saturday to benefit Haiti

Dear friends,

Please join us at an Eat for Equity fundraiser dinner that will celebrate Haitian culture and benefit directly the rescue and relief efforts of two highly effective organizations, Oxfam America and Partners in Health, both based in Boston with long-term experience working in Haiti.

Before the quake, Haiti already ranked the poorest country in the Western hemisphere; and the country doesn’t have the infrastructure or resources to deal with a crisis of this magnitude without international assistance.  Many NGOs have long-established development projects on the ground in Haiti, and it is those organizations that are best placed to assist with the country’s immediate needs.


Who’s coming:
Those interested in giving toward the rebuilding of Haiti. Please invite friends and friends of friends. All are welcome to come!

What’s happening: Eat for Equity dinners focus on raising money for and awareness about an organization working in a particular country or area, and serves food and drink from the country of concern. We started this project back in our college days at BU and we are trying to start up again the tradition of organizing these monthly Eat for Equity dinners in Boston. This time around, we’re building a Haitian inspired menu.  

Where: Brookline, MA so call or email us for address and directions

When: Saturday, January  30th at 7pm

How you can help: Your $10-$15 suggested donation will treat you to good food and drink and will enable you to do some small good for a larger community.

RSVP: [email protected] (774-254-6297), [email protected] (857-234-6172), or [email protected] (617-970-0938)

Background on Partners in Health‘s work in Haiti

Over the past few days, PIH and its sister organization Zanmi Lasante (“Partners In Health” in Haitian Creole) successfully helped organize 20 operating rooms across Haiti to treat patients injured in the earthquake. Since the earthquake, PIH’s 12 pre-existing medical facilities across the Central Plateau and Artibonite Regions of Haiti have been caring for the many patients fleeing the devastation of Port-au-Prince. Since Saturday, January 16, PIH has been helping the Haitian Ministry of Health restore services at HUEH, the largest hospital in Port-au-Prince.

Background on Oxfam America‘s work in Haiti

Oxfam has been working in Haiti for over 30 years to create sustainable means of earning a living, help Haitians reduce their vulnerability to disasters, and strengthen and support people’s ability to hold their government accountable. Within 24 hours of the quake, Oxfam already had 200 people on the ground in Haiti, including a group of highly experienced emergency specialists. Oxfam’s emergency team is based in Port-au-Prince and is supporting rescue efforts, assessing the damage and responding with public health and water and sanitation services to prevent the spread of waterborne disease. Oxfam was appointed as the initial lead to oversee all international aid groups working to provide emergency water and sanitation services. Additionally, Oxfam is sending equipment and aid supplies, including plastic sheeting and tools for water distribution, purification and storage.

Hope to see you there!

In solidarity,
Rebecca, Holly and Clara