Portland E4E: Sat. Dec 18th for Madagascar

Join us at Zoe’s southeast Portland home this Saturday to benefit Torina Fund, an organization founded by a Portland-based photographer and humanitarian Joni Kabana.
This month we turn our attention to the unique and vibrant island nation of Madagascar. After Macalester grads-turned-Portlanders Kate and Zoe traveled there in 2006 and 2008 to study ecology, they were both struck with the beauty of the land and moreover the generosity and lively spirit of the Malagasy people. Children especially were the best teachers and friendliest guides the two encountered. Portlander Joni traveled there to photograph and was equally enthralled with the children she met–particularly one little girl named Torina who inspired Joni’s book. However, thousands of these Malagasy children survive on less than a dollar a day; homelessness, especially among children, is common. Quickly, these circumstances–combined with the current political unrest–threatens to turn bright, eager children to hopelessness as resources and opportunities prove scarce. Enter Joni’s Torina Fund.
The proceeds of this Malagasy supper (suggested donation of $10 and up) will go directly to Torina Fund’s work with the talented musician and Joni’s friend Ricky Olombelo, who is starting a music camp for street children (click on his name for a taste of his awesome musical stylings.) He will show them the power of music to tell their stories and enliven their days.

Special additions this month:
Guest of Honor Joni Kabana, the Portland-based photographer, author, and founder of Torina Fund will talk about her work in Madagascar
Malagasy music, music videos, and dancing
Slide show of beautiful, professional portraits of Malagasy children and travel photos
Raffle and sale of:
Crafts from Malagasy artists
Torina’s World the book–get it signed by author Joni!
Ricky Olombelo’s CD
E4E shwag

The Evening’s Menu:
VARY GASY (Malagasy red rice) and VARY COCO (Coconut rice)
Various LOAKA (things that accompany rice) including…
AKOHO — Stewed Chicken with caramelized onions
TSARAMASO — Flavorful, slightly spicy beans eaten with vary coco
LASOUPY TABOARA — Savory squash soup
VARY AMIN AMANA — Braised greens with lemon
LASARY VOATABIA — Fresh salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and vinegar
VOANKAZO with AKONDRO — Fruit salad with bananas and ginger
Luscious dessert surprise with LAVANILA — Madagascar bourbon vanilla
Tropical drinks with RUM

The Essentials:
Eat for Equity Madagascar for Torina Fund.
Sat. December 18th 6-9 pm (Joni will talk around 7:15pm).
Zoe’s house–please email: [email protected] for specific address and directions
Bring: A supper donation of $10 per person or more, extra for gifts etc.
All are welcome–bring your friends for a quick bite or whole night of fun.

Misaotra (thanks) and see you there!

Questions? [email protected]