Boston E4E: International Rescue Committee’s efforts in Pakistan – October 9

Join us on Saturday, October 9 at Eat for Equity: Pakistan! Your supper money will benefit the International Rescue Committee and its continuing efforts to provide relief to Pakistan during its flood crisis.

You’ll feast on…

Aalloo Gobi (cauliflower with potatoes)
Dal Palak (lentils with steamed spinach)
Chickpeas with tomatoes
Samosas (veggie)
Chicken curry
Raita (cilantro yogurt sauce)
Burfi (dessert)
Mango lassi (with or without rum)

Dinner begins at 7:30 p.m. with a suggested donation of $10 – $15. Please email Clara, Holly, Martha or Rebecca for details on address, directions and with any questions.

Relief to Pakistan is trickling in slowly; here are some resources on what’s happening on the ground today in that country:
US Embassy in Islamabad

ICT for Peace
NY Times