Good news from our friends at Zipcar!

Have you heard the word? Zipcar is now hooking up all E4E patrons with an exclusive deal! We’ve been helping E4E’s staff and crew produce their events, but now we want to extend the love to you. You join Zipcar, the world’s largest car-sharing service, for OVER HALF OFF. With a variety of reliable vehicles parked in designated spots around the city where you live/work/play, you have the right kind and reliable wheels when you want them. Reserved via your smartphone or online, Zipcars cost approx. $10/hr, depending on the vehicle, including gas, insurance and 180 miles of driving. Go where you like, do what you like and return when you’re done. It’s like owning a car without all the sucky parts!

Smart mobility is about having the right wheels for the task, so whether you’re entirely car-free, car-lite, or simply need a different type of vehicle for an hour or two, Zipcar’s fleet hosts an array of vehicle types to suit your needs. Members conveniently reserve their choice of sedans, trucks, hybrids, SUVs, cargo vans or even luxury cars. Activate your exclusive membership any time at or simply search “Eat 4 Equity” on Zipcar waives the application fee ($25 savings) and charge only $25/yr for membership (vs $60, meaning you’re snagging one of the best deals in town!