E4E Minneapolis for TYSN: Saturday, December 8

This month, get fired up to support trans youth. Your supper money will support the Trans Youth Support Network, or TYSN, a partnership of youth and community members working together to support trans youth* in Minnesota. TYSN works to promote racial, social, and economic justice for trans youth – and it does this by building power among […]

Brussel Sprouts Slaw

Fair warning: this may make a brussel sprouts convert out of you. Ingredients (Serves 6 – 8) 1/2 cup large pecan halves 1/8 cup pure maple syrup 1 1/4 Tablespoon coarse kosher salt plus additional for seasoning 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup whole grain Dijon mustard 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 […]

E4E Minneapolis for Listening House – Saturday, November 17

This month, come home. Your supper money will go to Listening House, a day and evening shelter in downtown St. Paul that offers hospitality to adults who are homelss, low-income, or lonely. They provide toiletries, clothing and food, as well as assistance finding housing and employment. Their primary mission is to be the “living room for […]