Eat for Equity Minneapolis for RECLAIM: Saturday, October 20

This month, come together to support LGBTQ youth.

Your supper money will go to RECLAIM, which supports youth to reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms, offering accesssible mental and integrative health options to youth healing from injustices related to gender identity and sexual orientation. Its programming includes individual and family therapy, a weekly gender exploration group, a monthly families group, the People of Color Practitioners Cohort, and the Integrative Health Practitioners Circle.

I wouldn’t be alive today without RECLAIM. It’s what gave me a foundation of mental health support that I was able to carry into the rest of my life, and that allowed me to be successful on my own terms.”
– Former RECLAIM Client

You’ll feast on a vibrant, colorful Indian feast…
Turmeric-Yogurt Chicken
Ginger Beets and Beet Greens
Cabbage, Cucumber, and Coconut Slaw
Jasmine Rice
Technicolor Cake with Pistachios, Rosewater, and Orange
Homebrew from West Bank Brewing Club and Driftless Brewing

Hosted by Omega Cooperative House
2412 1st Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN

Saturday, October 20 from 7 pm onward

We suggest a $15 – $20 donation. All are welcome to this private party, but please RSVP.