Portland Eat for Equity raises money for local teens at risk

Happy May to everyone!

This sunny month, please join us for a feast from the Pacific Northwest and to donate generously to YouthCare, a Seattle-based organization that works to build futures for underserved youth.

In March, you all helped raise $265 for a Tanzanian clinic where our friend Dr. Thu Vu does work with pediatric HIV/AIDS patients. This donation went towards buying basic necessities to keep kids healthy enough for their medications to take effect. Thank you to hosts Katelynne + roommates and chef/inspiration Sharon–and of course everyone who enjoyed this fabulous supper!

This month, we turn our energy homeward. In recent months it has come to light that many teenaged girls are being being forced or intimidated into prostitution–right here in Portland and all along the I-5 corridor.

Read these articles from The Seattle Times and The Portland Mercury for in-depth stories. These young women–often subjected to physical and psychological abuse as well–often remained trapped in these lives because even when they sought help there was nowhere to turn. That all changed when Seattle non-profit YouthCare partnered with the Department of Human Services to create a unique program to help rehabilitate these teens. While YouthCare was on the brink of closing down only months ago, it has received an influx of support in recent months, and is now working with the City of Seattle’s Prostituted Children Rescue Fund to provide physical safety, emergency shelter and social services to these under-resourced teens at risk.

To help with this cause AND celebrate the bounty an early spring brings, please join us SATURDAY, MAY 15 at around 6:30 pm for a high-quality Pacific Northwest supper! You’ll feast on…

Local baked FISH  with homemade PASTA
spring SALAD from farmers’ markets
Pear fennel goats cheese spread for…
freshbaked BREAD
huckleberry PIE
a homebrewed BEER (if things go as planned…)
other local treats from friends!
We suggest a $7 to $15 donation.

For address and directions, please email Kate at [email protected]

P.S. This is doubling as Kate’s birthday celebration!