E4E Minneapolis for Childbirth Collective: Saturday, April 20

This month you will be supporting the Childbirth Collective, a nonprofit collective of birth professionals who support women and families during the childbearing year. They provide pay-what-you-can prenatal and postnatal classes, promote doula support, and advocate for evidence-based care based on the wellness model of maternity care. The Childbirth Collective gives families information that supports […]

A Place at the Table and a Tale of Two Cities

By Emily Torgrimson for Food Bloggers Against Hunger I’d like to tell you a tale of two cities –  Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. You might think these cities couldn’t be farther apart, or more different. They are on opposite ends of the world. But, like Minneapolis, Belo Horizonte is the largest city in […]

Do you speaka my language?

By Emily Torgrimson I am fluent in Food. For me, food has become almost a native language – I speak it, I think it, I dream it. And of course, I eat it. I am, however, not yet so comfortable with the two new languages I’ve been learning this year. Hables Legalese? Sprechen Sie Construction? […]