This month in Minneapolis…

On December 12, come to Vietnam.

Eat good food, drink good drinks, enjoy good people. And do some small good for a larger community at this month’s benefit shindig. Last month, we celebrated Eat for Equity’s two year anniversary. Over two years, we’ve sent more than $5,000 to organizations working toward equity, both on a local and global level. Last month, we raised $500 and sent a big box of food to the shelves of Minnesota Food Share, which organizes statewide food shelf donations.

Your supper money will go to three Vietnamese entrepreneurs on, the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website. Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending to empower individuals and alleviate poverty. We’ll pick three entrepreneurs – who might range from a women’s livestock cooperative to a butcher shop needing improvements – and you’ll decide how the money we raise is divided between them. You’ll be helping a real person make strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community. And since it’s a loan, when they repay that loan (and Kiva has a 98.06% repayment rate to date), we can reinvest that money in someone else.

You’ll feast on…
Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls with Nuoc Cham
Pumpkin simmered in coconut milk with garlic and ginger
Perfume River Rice
Lemongrass Beef
Bananas in Coconut Sauce

And more surprises…

Contact Emily for details on location and time at emtorg (at) eatforequity (dot) org.