E4E Seattle at The Big Green! A Sustainable Community Festival: Tuesday, August 13

Seattle is home to a wide variety of sustainable organizations, businesses, and communities. Greendrinks has been organizing community for 10 years, creating spaces for people to come together, collaborate, learn, share and be merry.

Given their commitment to sustainability, community, and partnerships, it was a natural fit for Eat for Equity Seattle! We are super excited to be represented at The Big Green! , Greendrinks’ August event.

This community festival will feature local sustainable businesses, nonprofit organizations, musicians (powered by solar energy!), food vendors, local ice cream (kept cool by solar energy!!), a beer garden, and family friendly games.

We are also super excited to be placed near our local buddies Chaco Canyon, who have been incredibly supportive of Eat for Equity Seattle so far.

We’ll be giving away snacks, raffling off a t-shirt, signing people up for info, and spreading the word about E4E! If you’re in town and want to stop by. we’d love to see you. More info below! Follow this link to see the other neat sponsors, organizations and vendors that will be at this event. We are so excited to be joining the Greendrinks community and getting to know these other orgs better!

Check out the Facebook page or the event website.

The Big Green! A community festival with Sustainable Seattle


Tuesday, August 13, 2013 – 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Event Location: The Hunter Farm Gathering Place  7744 35th Ave NE