Eat for Equity Pdx: NEPAL

Portland: On Saturday May 12, come together for NEPAL. Your donations will benefit the Kathmandu-based organization Shakti Samuha.

A group of young women in Nepal’s capital city are working to change the fates of Nepali victims of sex trafficking. Current estimates are that over 10,000 people, predominantly young women, are sold to or abducted by traffickers who force them to work in Indian brothels. Occasional local efforts sometimes liberate these people; many who make it home, however, are shunned by their families and congregate in Kathmandu, jobless and emotionally broken.

In 1996, recently freed by police raid and returned to Kathmandu, a group of such women created Shakti Samuha: an organization to provide a safe home, skills-training, and solidarity. Since its inception the program has expanded to include job training, medical care, and education for adolescents about the realities and dangers of human trafficking in Nepal. Their next project is to expand education to impoverished rural areas most at-risk. Please visit their website:

This month we will celebrate the strength and courage of these women, and support the work they provide combating human trafficking and empowering trafficking survivors. Join us to donate generously to Shakti Samuha.

Supper will include Daal lenils, rice, local vegetables, momos, cardamom pudding, chai tea and more.


Eat for Equity Pdx: Nepal for Shakti Samuha

Saturday May 12, 6:30-9pm

North Portland (email [email protected] for exact address)

10-15$ suggested donation

Everyone welcome, no RSVP required