Eat for Equity Mpls: The Nafula Foundation

Come to Kenya this month to raise money for the Nafula Foundation, a nonprofit serving vulnerable families and orphaned children living in Western Kenya. Working with local communities and other nonprofits, The Nafula Foundation’s work strives to create long-term, sustainable development projects in small villages in Kenya.

Your supper money will install a rainwater harvesting tank at Chebukwa Primary School. The tank, which will be installed this July, will provide clean water to approximately 700 students and teachers in the village. In the spirit of the Kenyan tradition of harambee (meaning “we all pull together” in Swahili) we invite you to pull together for the Chebukwa School.

All are welcome, but please RSVP here. Thank you in advance for your RSVP.

When? Saturday, April 28, 7 pm onward

Where? Hosted by Kathryn, Karen, and Steve. Please join our email list for the address or email [email protected]

What? You’ll feast on…

Kachumbari, a salad with tomatoes, onions, carrots, lime, cilantro & parsley
Nyama Choma, roasted beef
Spiced Kidney Beans with green pepper and tomatoes
Sukuma Wiki, greens with onions and tomatoes
Wali, coconut rice
Mandazi, East African donuts
Iced Chai
Homebrew from the West Bank Brewing Association and Driftless Brewing, with support from Northern Brewer.


Last month, over 200 people came together to raise almost $2800 for Partners in Health‘s work in Guatemala, an infant nutrition program in a region with incredibly high rates of chronic malnutrition. Thank you for your patience as we refine our RSVP system and try to meet demand! Thank you so much for being part of this growing community.

Save the date for May 26, when Eat for Equity teams up with Gorilla Yogis to host a [detox-retox] pizza party fundraiser that you won’t want to miss.