E4E December 17: Climate Change Crew

In November, we came together to raise $1300 for Just Health Network and its community-driven public health partnerships in Kenya and Uganda. Also in November, Eat for Equity was featured on NBC’s Today Show on Thanksgiving morning. See pics and find out more at our new website [many thanks to Allison Balow!], eatforequity.org.

This month, your supper money will go to support a youth-driven project around climate change and social justice, the Earth Buzz Crew and Climate Change Crew at the Science Museum’s Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center. These projects educate and empower young women, youth of color and youth from low-income backgrounds to inform their own generation about climate change problems and solutions.

In the students’ own words: “We believe that if decisions are made to address climate chane with intent to also address current social problems, we can reshape and rebuild our own communities so that they are sustainable, both socially and environmentally.” They’re becoming passionate voices for their communities, as you can see from this contest-winning music video made by the students in this program.

You’ll feast on a meal that gets progressively hotter…
Winter Squash and Red Onion Galettes
Green Lentil Salad with Roasted Beets and Preserved Lemons
Spicy Onion Cheese Potatoes
Mexican Chocolate Bread Pudding
Polar Bear Punch
Homebrew from the West Bank Brewing Association and Driftless Brewing, with support from Northern Brewer.

December 17
Hosted by Shaker, Nalini, and Jesse
Please email [email protected] for the address
Minneapolis, MN
Dinner & drinks start at 7