Tomorrow E4E Minneapolis raises money to help homeless

This month, bring it all home.

In August, we raised over $600 for American Refugee Committee’s flood relief work in Pakistan, where it’s assembling mobile health clinics and is providing clean water sources to combat outbreaks of disease.

Your supper money this month goes to St. Stephen’s Human Services, and its Homeless Against Homelessness program. St. Stephen’s addresses systemic causes of homelessness and poverty through education, advocacy and grassroots organizing with people in poverty. Homeless Against Homelessness, a group of homeless and formerly homeless individuals, is leading a voter registration and education campaign called Break the Cycle and Vote. This campaign addresses a cycle of inequality, namely that poor and homeless people are neglected by candidates and elected officials because they do not vote. They do not vote because their needs are neglected. Because they do not vote, candidates and elected officials continue to ignore these communities. This campaign engages people who are homeless and in deep poverty in state politics and shows candidates that people in poverty and their allies are voting, paying attention, and holding them accountable.

You’ll feast on comfort food…

Great Big Green Salad
Roasted Chicken
Farm Fresh Vegetables
Mystery Pie
Apple Cider
and more surprises…

Dinner starts at 7, and we suggest a $10-15 donation. You’re welcome to bring friends. For address and directions, please email [email protected].