Portland’s Eat For Equity… this month… Tibet!

The date has been set for this month’s community supper! Thanks to everyone who came to support E4E’s Haiti last month–you donated a whopping $392 dollars so The Lambi Fund can continue their work empowering people in Haiti! Unofficial polling suggests that the fried plantains were the favorite course of the meal : ) As founder EmTorg would say… not bad for a Saturday night!

This month, come together for Tibetan people in exile. The country of Tibet is occupied by the People’s Republic of China; over 100,000 Tibetans have fled to the city of Dharamshala in northern India–a town where the Dalai Lama also resides. The Tibetan community in India has a particularly high youth population, which is disproportionately affected by the strife of refugee life, both physically and culturally. Enter Tibetan Children’s Village, a non-profit which has provided integrated education for Tibetan children for nearly 50 years–shaping much of Tibetan exile culture. They have several schools throughout India to reach the Tibetans now dispersed therein.

A number of fellow Eat-for-Equity attendees visited the TCV headquarters in Dharamshala up-close-and-personal during their study abroad program Tibet In Exile. Briana, Asia, Jamie, Blythe, Maria, Stephanie, and Debbie will be preparing authentic dishes and sharing insight about their experience with TCV and the children they serve.

Please join us SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th between 6-9 pm for this month’s shindig. CONTACT KATE FOR DETAILS ON ADDRESS so you can eat a hearty Tibetan and North Indian feast: [email protected].

Specific menu to be announced as everyone vies for their favorite recipe to be made… but rest assured it will be delicious, and will certainly include:

Balep korkun  (a central Tibetan flatbread)
Momos  (a type of steamed ravioli)
with Tomato-Coriander Chutney
Daal Makani (a savory black lentil dish of Northern India)

and much more…

What: Eat for Equity community supper for Tibetan Children’s Villages

When: Sat. 2/27   6-9pm

Where: In NE Portland, Eli, Allie, and friends’ house and you can EMAIL KATE FOR ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS: [email protected].

Who: You and at least one friend.

Also: Bring a donation of $5-12 to enjoy a decadent supper and a great community

See you soon,


Questions/Clarifications? Once more, that email address is: [email protected].