Seattle’s thank you message!

We’re less than two weeks away from next fundraising dinner that will benefit Queer Youth Space. As we excitedly plan this fourth dinner (it’s our first dinner as an official branch!), we want to acknowledge the organizations, businesses, and individuals in our community that have generously donated food, supplies, and their time and support.

In November, we raised nearly $500 for Seattle Tilth’s Seattle Youth Garden Works. Seattle Youth Garden Works, Central Co-op, and Oxbow Organic Farm donated vegetables for this dinner and Limback Lumber Co. donated wooden boards that we turned into chalkboards. Emily Sunblade donated her time snapping photos.

Ingredients for our November dishes donated by Central Co-op, Seattle Youth Garden Works, and Oxbow Organic Farm. Chalkboards donated by Limback Lumber. Photo by Emily Sunblade

In January, we raised about $550 for the Equitable Food InitiativeSeattle Youth Garden Works once again donated produce for our dinner along with the following small businesses: Martin Family OrchardACMA Mission Orchards, and Nash’s Organic Produce. Shraeder Family Farms donated beef for our yummy winter beef stew.  All of the dinner’s photos were courtesy of Elldub Photography.

ingredients for January's dinner donated by Martin Family Orchard, ACMA Mission Orchards, Nash's Organic Produce, and Shraeder Family Farms. Photo by Elldub Photography

In March, we raised $700 for the Lifelong AIDS Alliance! This was the most money we’ve raised, made possible not only by our dinner goers, but also by the number of businesses that donated food and beverages! For the third time in a row, Seattle Youth Garden Works donated produce! We made a beautiful and delicious tasting beet, fennel, and blood orange salad with a citrus dressing with produce from New Roots Organics. Carolyn Boyle of New Roots Organics not only donated all of the salad ingredients, but she came up with the idea for a beet, fennel, and blood orange salad! Freemont Brewing Co. and Naked City Brewery donated beer. Uli’s Famous Sausage donated sausages for our meat entrée, a sweet and smoky bean dish. Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe donated Lambic beer and the Shoppe’s wine buyer, Erin McNamara, donated the wine for our hugely popular sangria that night. Penzey’s Spices and Whole Foods in the Ravenna neighborhood donated several other ingredients critical to making our dishes tasty. And last, but not least, local DJ Justus Kovac donated his time and generously shared his DJing equipment with us so that we could dance that night and Madison Paxton donated her photography skills. Thank you, thank you!

New Roots Organics, Seattle Youth Garden Works, Fremont Brewing Co., Naked City Brewery, Penzeys Spices, Uli's Famous Sausage, Whole Foods, and Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe are several businesses that generously donated to our March dinner. Photo by Madison Paxton

If we have inadvertently forgotten to recognize any donors, please forgive us and let us know, so that we may update this thank you blog. Email us: seattle (at) eatforequity (dot) org.