Eat for Equity in ANN ARBOR!

We are happy to announce that Eat for Equity has one more city to add to our growing list! Emily Torgrimson tells me that friends in Los Angeles regularly host Eat for Equity dinners, too.

Soon, I will add more cities to our Web site. In the meantime, I’m going to share the Ann Arbor email invitation from Laurel Himes-Ferris, who is good friends with the Portland queen bee, Kate Schousen:

Hello friends,

Thanks to all of you for coming to our first ever Eat to Equity Event last weekend. It was a wild success, generating $200 for an organization in China which is working to combat rising HIV/AIDS incidence in sexual minority groups in the Sichuan province. The meal was delicious — spicy and fresh. Most of us tried Sichuan peppercorns for the first time — just newly legalized, they were a fragrant, tongue-numbing treat. A big thanks goes to Sean (and housemates) for hosting the dinner — gold stars all around. A resounding wave of good intentions goes to our two bravest souls– I think you know who you are — for coming to the event though they didn’t know any of us personally. Brave souls. Trail blazers. Honorary Portlanders.

For our next dinner, we’d like to invite everyone to celebrate Haitian foods and grassroots non-profits on Saturday February 20th 6pm.

Also, please, please forward this invite to friends, champions of the world, neighbors, good hearted people, etc. They are most welcome. For the newbies, E4E is an idea, a movement, where people come together to celebrate food and good works. We will cook food from the region of the non-profit we’ve selected (in this case, Haitian food) and you are welcome to come and eat. We ask that everyone participate — either by bringing a dish or drink to share, or by contributing a small sum ($5-10) which will be donated directly to the non-profit selected.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in hosting a dinner in March, let me know!

Laurel (and Cristin and Sean and Matt and the whole E4E Ann Arbor team)

If you’re in Ann Arbor and you’d like to support this dinner, please email Laurel for address and directions: [email protected]