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Eat for Equity Pdx: NEPAL

Eat for Equity Pdx: NEPAL

Portland: On Saturday May 12, come together for NEPAL. Your donations will benefit the Kathmandu-based organization Shakti Samuha. A group of young women in Nepal’s capital city are working to change the fates of Nepali victims of sex trafficking. Current estimates are that over 10,000 people, predominantly young women, are sold to or abducted by […]

E4E for NEDC: Northwest Environmental Defense Center, Saturday March 17

E4E for NEDC: Northwest Environmental Defense Center, Saturday March 17

Join us on March 17th to celebrate everything green with Eat for Equity for the Northwest Environmental Defense Center. Enjoy a home-cooked meal, drink good beer, mingle with new friends and learn about the work of NEDC. Come one, come all! The Northwest Environmental Defense Center is an independent, non-profit organization working to protect the environment and natural […]

E4E December: PDXers send middle school students to Outdoor School

E4E December: PDXers send middle school students to Outdoor School

Hearty “Thank You!” to all the E4Eers who joined us in December for delicious pizza and beer to support our city’s students and Outdoor School. You donated over $350 — and allowed a Ron Russell Middle School student to witness the magic and science of experiential learning at Outdoor School.   Some background about the […]

Portland: May 7 supper for Student Alliance Project

Join us Saturday, May 7th, 2011 for a Latin American feast to support the Student Alliance Project (and in honor of International Workers Rights Day and Cinco de Mayo!) This month your money will go to Portland’s own Student Alliance Project. The organization got started by filming the documentary “Papers,” a story of some of […]

Let there be light! Your Supper Money at Work in Madagascar

Portland E4E community: a note about  Olombelo Ricky, who’s heading a music camp for street children outside of ‘Tana’, Madagascar’s capital. With your supper money for Torina Fund’s music project–almost $350!–he purchased a solar power inverter for the camp, and couldn’t be more thrilled. See photo below (note drums in the background). For future updates […]

Portland E4E: Sat. Dec 18th for Madagascar

Join us at Zoe’s southeast Portland home this Saturday to benefit Torina Fund, an organization founded by a Portland-based photographer and humanitarian Joni Kabana. This month we turn our attention to the unique and vibrant island nation of Madagascar. After Macalester grads-turned-Portlanders Kate and Zoe traveled there in 2006 and 2008 to study ecology, they […]

Portland Eat for Equity raises money for local teens at risk

Happy May to everyone! This sunny month, please join us for a feast from the Pacific Northwest and to donate generously to YouthCare, a Seattle-based organization that works to build futures for underserved youth. In March, you all helped raise $265 for a Tanzanian clinic where our friend Dr. Thu Vu does work with pediatric HIV/AIDS […]

Portland Eat for Equity Raises Money for a Tanzanian clinic

This month, come together for Tanzania. Join us SUNDAY MARCH 28 to eat good food, drink good drinks, and do some greater good for people living in Moshi, Tanzania. Last month in NE Portland, you donated $425 dollars for Tibetan Children’s Village, doing work to educate and preserve the culture of exiled Tibetan children in […]

Portland’s Eat For Equity… this month… Tibet!

The date has been set for this month’s community supper! Thanks to everyone who came to support E4E’s Haiti last month–you donated a whopping $392 dollars so The Lambi Fund can continue their work empowering people in Haiti! Unofficial polling suggests that the fried plantains were the favorite course of the meal : ) As […]