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Lentil Walnut Salad

Mixed with crisp vegetables and a silky walnut vinaigrette, this french lentil salad is flavorful, inexpensive, and quick to prepare. It makes a great lunch salad – or add goat cheese or salad greens, serve it slightly warm, and turn it into dinner. ingredients (serves 10) 2 1/2 cups French [round, dark green] lentils 1 […]

Until Next Week, Annabelle

Originally written 5/07/03 Main Street, Harmony, Minnesota – Traffic jams only occur when some farmer’s tractor blocks the lane. Road hazards are more organic here, consisting of deer, raccoon, and Amish buggies. Drivers greet each other not with obscenities or implicating gestures, but with nods, waves, and tips of their hats. On Main Street of this […]

Easy as Pie to Support Eat for Equity

“We don’t want a bigger slice of the pie. We want a different pie.” – Winona LaDuke, whose nonprofit was one of Eat for Equity’s benefitting organizations Eat for Equity is baking a new kind of pie. We’re making it from scratch, and building a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts. We’re rolling it out together, […]

The House that You Built

Let me take you on a tour of the tiny house that You built. Almost 50 people built this Home together. Thanks and appreciation for Aaron B., Aaron S., Abby, Adam, Alison, Ann, Anna, Brian, Brianna, Caroline, Celia, Clara, Cody, Dimple, Eddie and Seward Redesign, Emily T., Emily U., Emilie, Greg and Treshby, Heidi, Iris, […]

A Year of Many Homes

By Emily Torgrimson In the last year, I’ve lived with a newborn and with newlyweds. I’ve lived with teachers, a writer, a lawyer in training, graphic designers, an explorer, a park ranger. I’ve lived in a castle like mansion, a basement apartment, a cooperative duplex, a hobby farm. I’ve lived in different parts of the […]

E4E Seattle at The Big Green! A Sustainable Community Festival: Tuesday, August 13

Seattle is home to a wide variety of sustainable organizations, businesses, and communities. Greendrinks has been organizing community for 10 years, creating spaces for people to come together, collaborate, learn, share and be merry. Given their commitment to sustainability, community, and partnerships, it was a natural fit for Eat for Equity Seattle! We are super excited […]

E4E4E4E Festival: Saturday, July 20 – Sunday, July 21

Join us for an Eat for Equity Festival at Lily Springs Farm in Osceola, WI [just a one-hour drive away].The Farm Festival starts at 2 pm on Saturday, July 20 and goes through the next morning, Sunday, July 21. Choose your own adventures like Yard Games, Canoeing and Kayaking, Swimming and Sauna-ing. Play sessions on Homebrewing, Cooking, […]

A Place at the Table and a Tale of Two Cities

By Emily Torgrimson for Food Bloggers Against Hunger I’d like to tell you a tale of two cities –  Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. You might think these cities couldn’t be farther apart, or more different. They are on opposite ends of the world. But, like Minneapolis, Belo Horizonte is the largest city in […]

Trailer as Metaphor for Life

This trailer is a metaphor for many things. This trailer is a tool. Through this process of rebuilding the trailer, we’re building relationships. One weekend, a total stranger volunteered to work on the trailer. Brian had been to just one Eat for Equity, and although he hated to cook, he loved to work with his […]

Bacon Seeds and Petunia Porkchop

By Emily Torgrimson We were inspired by Organic Valley‘s Earth Dinner cards, which encourage all of us to celebrate the earth one dinner at a time – and to ask each other questions all about food. This card struck us: Is there anyone in your family history who was a farmer? Describe the work they did or the […]