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Seeking Bay Area Organizers

Seeking Bay Area Organizers

Hello Bay Area Volunteers! The Bay Area E4E is looking for a few additional organizers to help plan upcoming E4E events in the Bay Area. Currently, we have one active organizer (Jonas) and a few volunteers who are willing to work at the events, but could use a few extra people to plan, organize and […]

Taking Candy from Strangers

We’re taught as kids to distrust the stranger, to be skeptical of help that comes from the unknown, and of help that comes without expectation of return.  We begin to assume that if someone helps us, then they must want something back. And yet on this trip, I’ve learned to trust in the stranger and […]

Building a Fresh Start

Thirty minutes outside of Madison, a hard working crew is building a new Dane County park. They’re building trails through the woods, clearing honeysuckle, buckthorn and other invasive species to make gently sloping paths overlooking the lake. They’re clearing garbage and old farm machinery from the woods. They’re planting cover crops and the seeds to […]

Kitchen Experiments

Our first stop on the tour feels like the first step of a year-long experiment. And in many ways, it parallels a much earlier test that led Eat for Equity to host rotating dinners. The first Eat for Equity dinners in Boston were all hosted at the cooperative house where I lived. And in Minneapolis, […]

Easy as Pie to Support Eat for Equity

“We don’t want a bigger slice of the pie. We want a different pie.” – Winona LaDuke, whose nonprofit was one of Eat for Equity’s benefitting organizations Eat for Equity is baking a new kind of pie. We’re making it from scratch, and building a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts. We’re rolling it out together, […]

The House that You Built

Let me take you on a tour of the tiny house that You built. Almost 50 people built this Home together. Thanks and appreciation for Aaron B., Aaron S., Abby, Adam, Alison, Ann, Anna, Brian, Brianna, Caroline, Celia, Clara, Cody, Dimple, Eddie and Seward Redesign, Emily T., Emily U., Emilie, Greg and Treshby, Heidi, Iris, […]

A Year of Many Homes

By Emily Torgrimson In the last year, I’ve lived with a newborn and with newlyweds. I’ve lived with teachers, a writer, a lawyer in training, graphic designers, an explorer, a park ranger. I’ve lived in a castle like mansion, a basement apartment, a cooperative duplex, a hobby farm. I’ve lived in different parts of the […]

Test Blog

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Seattle’s thank you message!

We’re less than two weeks away from next fundraising dinner that will benefit Queer Youth Space. As we excitedly plan this fourth dinner (it’s our first dinner as an official branch!), we want to acknowledge the organizations, businesses, and individuals in our community that have generously donated food, supplies, and their time and support. In […]

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